During conversations with our clients, we often hear that starting a project can be challenging. Whether it concerns innovation, process optimization, or collaboration with external partners. In each phase different people, teams and stakeholders have to work together intensively.
The aim of the Problem Solving workshop is to get a group of people to work together as a team. We start to agree on a problem (business challenge) and use a rock-solid process that offers a democratic structure that delivers 3 team solutions in just 2.5 hours. Besides consensus and learning to collaborate. You also get a better understanding of the challenges other teams or peers face.



The PS workshop is widely applicable. Listed below some examples of formulating research questions that were developed with the help of one of our workshops.

  • How can we retrieve information from different sources, centralize it, and make it transparent for different end-users?
  • How can we map out the desired working method and sequence of the steps in the work process and then develop it into a tool, application and/or interface?
  • How can we find out or research where frustration and bottlenecks are and then categorize and prioritize these with the end-user?


With our approach, you get a grip on the problem definition. The predetermined problem definition is viewed by the team from multiple perspectives and assessed democratically. It often results in a well thought out and defined problem which is worth solving in terms of feasibility and impact.

Dogodtopeople’s problem solving workshop has helped us quickly to get to the core. It gave us a clear  direction to the many ideas we have as a company. The fact that you can also do this remotely has surprised me more than positively.!”

John van Vliet